About Us

meet the people who make it possible to grow your practice!

Yessi Rodriguez

A burst of positive energy! Yessi loves immersing herself in the numbers and creating data stories. She started her career as a Scheduling Coordinator and discovered her true passion for Treatment Coordinating. She has a gift for discerning the facts during the exam. She is easy to talk to and can persuade any patient to sign on that dotted line to start their journey to an amazing smile. She’s bilingual in English and Spanish and is a loving mother who frequently travels with her husband and son.

Cathy Jugovic

A meticulous and detail oriented individual. Cathy enjoys analyzing complex information. Precision, accuracy, and organization are at the forefront of everything she does. Having ran two successful Orthodontic practices, she knew she had a passion for helping people maximize their potential and profitability. She is an outgoing, free spirit. Her dedication to meeting new people makes her a pleasure to be around. Cathy is married and has three boys and two adorable grandchildren.

Angie Menendez

Angie is someone who works well under pressure and excels in high-stress situations. She has cultivated her clinical skills through exceptional Doctors well versed in the art of bending wires, maneuvering computers, photography, and sales. Angie has a reputation for making herself available for everyone in the office. She is passionate and an active listener along with being able to speak both English and Spanish. Her passion is sure to rub off on you! Angie is married with a blended family including four boys, one daughter and two grandchildren.