Lisa Gray

Frisco, TX

Charis Santillie

Novato, CA

Danielle May

Boynton Beach & Wellington, FL


From our Client's

Dr. Glenn Krieger

Lewisville, TX

Dr. Doug Shaw

Rockwall & Watauga, TX

I signed up with EYP in 2019. My goal was to clean up all the front-end issues and help train on better customer service and patient management. When the ladies came in, the first thing you notice is the tremendous energy they bring. They spent the first few days going through all the office tasks and processes with a fine-tooth comb then together we developed a plan. I can definitely say that there's been a marked improvement, anything from patient take in to assistant roles to insurance claims and balances. I've also noticed an improvement in my TC and an increase in same-day-starts. I would highly recommend EYP. Thank you, ladies!

Dr. Anas Najjar

Beloit & Milwaukee, WI

"Well, 30 years in the business of Orthodontics offers me the ability to say I have seen a few things and been around the block (several times). First, I have worked with a number of consultants over the years, I do not regret working with any of them. However, Cathy and Angie offer a completely different type of service, they are “boots on the ground”, they are in your practice learning what you and your team do and making improvements and changes to enhance the patient experience. They do not have a “cookbook” approach, where every office gets the same manual. I have loved having them as part of our practice and look forward to having their assistance in getting to the next level. This team comes HIGHLY recommended by me!"

Dr. Greg Greenberg

Frisco, TX

EYP Consulting is everything you expect from seasoned Consultants and more! They were able to come in and improve our systems and make us more efficient in all aspects of the office from the phones to financials. On the new patient side of things, Angie is really talented with communication and systems that will refine your entire new patient process and lead to more conversions. Even beyond their time in your office, I reach out to them for advice, suggestions and guidance. Highly recommend EYP consulting and suggest you hop on board and see what all the buzz is about!

Dr. Daniel Rozen

Lighthouse Point, FL

If your practice needs reliable expert management consulting, look no further! I have had a fantastic experience working with Angie and Cathy. They have increased my productivity by training my team to work more efficiently.

Dr. Arghavan Welch

Wellington, FL

Cathy, Angie, Yessi, and Christina have been integral in implementing strategic and measurable solutions for our practice. Embrace your Practice Consulting Services have been a game changer for us. Their specific programs and advice are tailored to the specific needs of our practice. They can analyze key metrics and provide concrete solutions that can be implemented by our team. Located more than 2,500 miles away, it is remarkable that they can pinpoint our blind spots and get us on the right track by monitoring our numbers closely and communicating with us seamlessly. I value their hands-on approach and expertise. If you are looking for practice consultants to increase your productions, look no further. I give my highest recommendation for Embrace your Practice.

Dr. Paul Kim

Novato, CA

Wow! I just don't know which one to put first Cathy or Angie or Angie or Cathy. These two National Consultants came all the way from Florida to help us improve our lives here at RxSmile Orthodontics in Frisco Texas. They have new and fresh ideas to bring any practice big or small back to life. From the awesome bonus programs, to tracking of new, current and observation patients, inner office patient referral programs, teaching us how to confidently ask for reviews, and marketing ideas that include Facebook, Snap chat and Instagram. They take the time to let you know what you are doing well and were improvement is needed, all in a positive manner. They evaluate every aspect of the practice from the front staff, clinic staff and even the doctor. The fresh prospective they provided is phenomenal. There are not enough positive adjectives to describe what they bring. If you are considering a total practice evaluation, you must contact Embrace your Practice as they are like no other. They hold your hand like most consultants don't.

Lisa Gray

Frisco, TX

I started working with Embrace your Practice when I was building my orthodontic office. Since that early stage, Cathy, Angie and Yessi have become a special part of my start-up practice. They bring expertise, advice, and practical solutions to all our needs. We enjoy their excellent communication and exceptional service at every single encounter, in person, or remotely. I highly recommend working with Embrace your Practice. Not only you will receive quality orthodontic consulting services for every aspect of your practice, but a great dose of positive energy as well!

Dr. Lilly Santana

Altamonte Springs, FL

"Angie and Cathy are dynamos! Not only do they have solid experience working in orthodontic practices, they have dialed in the ‘how' for our team to implement new ideas with their ongoing support and a clear plan.”

Dr. Don Wilson

Novato, CA

"Since working with Embrace your Practice Consulting Services over the past 2 years I have seen a drastic growth in our orthodontics department! Both Angie and Cathy have been an incredible help in implementing systems that not only helped to further the growth of my practices, but also equipped my team with strategies that improved our organization, problem solving skills, and the ability to provide our patients with a great orthodontic experience! I could not recommend them more!"

Dr. Nathalie Vera

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Angie and Cathy are dynamos! They not only have the experience working in Orthodontic practices, they have dialed in how to help you implement new ideas with ongoing support and a clear plan.

Charis Santillie

Novato, CA

I cannot say enough about these dynamic ladies! They have impacted our entire practice! I have been with my employer for 14 years, and this is the best month financially in the practice history, EVER! Collections are WAY up, A/R is way UP! I waited an entire year to write this review because I am such a cynic, I have worked with many Consultants; and was frustrated by empty promises, but I am convinced! Excellent training and support services are the key to their success, especially in my super competitive market. They have trained our newest staff who have NO experience in dental/ortho/front desk and they have become highly valuable employees in no time. Trust these ladies with your business. You won’t regret it.

Danielle May

Boynton Beach & Wellington, FL

"If you are completely thrilled about how your orthodontic practice is operating, move on. On the other hand, if your operations, whether admin, TC, or clinic need some tweaking or maybe even a major overhaul, you need to call Embrace your Practice. They will work IN your practice WITH your team identifying, correcting, and following up on all aspects of the orthodontic practice. Their dedicated hands-on approach, based on years of real world experience will provide immediate, and tangible ROI."

Dr. Jonathan Petrover

Boynton Beach & Wellington, FL

I have used Embrace your Practice Consulting Services for several in office trainings over the past couple of years. I cannot recommend them enough! Cathy, Yessi and Angie have helped me tremendously, including but not limited to; improving our office systems, acting as a remote Financial Coordinator when I suddenly lost mine, helping hire new employees, clinical training and marketing ideas. In addition, Cathy is simply fantastic and is always there for me when I need office advice. She has an amazing intuition about how to handle difficult situations in the workplace. They are truly full service and deeply care for their clients. I cannot recommend them enough!

Dr. Camden Brown

Ruckersville, VA

After 25 years in Orthodontic practice, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. I was stressed, tired and felt that my office was no longer running efficiently. Something had to change. Embrace your Practice was that change! Angie, Cathy and the EYP team are experts in all aspects of orthodontic office management, with different strengths that complement each other. They worked with me on everything from financial to staff. They helped set up systems to make my office run more smoothly. Any time I have a concern or need advice I can just pick up the phone. They are always happy to help. Embrace your Practice made a tremendous difference in my office. I’m sure they can do the same for you!

Dr. Alicia Carroll

Kendall & Miami, FL

"I run a very tight ship. I brought in Cathy and Angie to evaluate my office and financial coordinator who had only been with me for 1 year. They did a great job of educating my FC on new procedures plus how to be a great FC. They also tweak some of my office procedures from a clinical and treatment coordinator perspective. This is truly a consultant company that can address all aspects of an orthodontic practice. You can sense that they really care and you will absolutely get more that what you paid for. They over deliver."

Dr. Roy King

Jupiter, FL

“Embrace your Practice Consulting Services came into my offices at the right time! I needed help with goals, training and setting up protocols and they had the solution that I was looking for. I would highly recommend Cathy and Angie to anyone that feels the need to get their office running more efficiently and have their team all on the same page. They can handle anything that you could possibly need!”

Dr. Marie Yazji

Brickell & Miami, FL

"Six months ago I contacted Embrace your Practice at the suggestion of a consultant that I had used several years ago. I had hired two new front desk people and I needed a 'crash course' to train them. My previous consultant thought they would be perfect for teaching the specific tasks that would building outstanding employees. He was right! And today, six months later, we have moved on to the loftier goals and they have helped me retrain my other team members and redefine our future. And after thirty years in practice, I am once again enthusiastic about what I can accomplish."

Dr. Jon Golub

Fort Lee & Westwood, NJ

"The three consultants (Angie, Cathy, and Yessi) who visited our orthodontic practice this past week rocked our world!! They brought their ideas to our team with unmatched compassion, humor, and professionalism. We are excited to implement their ideas and reboot our practice! If you need an influx of energy and fresh ideas-this team is for you!!"

Dr. Chris Pine

State College, Clearfield, Tyrone & Philipsburg, PA